Tiktok 100 tools [2022 new]

Music material library

1. European, American and global pop music charts: https://www.billboard.com

2. Copyright-free music on SPotify: soundcloud.com/royaltyf

3. Premiumbeat’s copyright-free free music library: premiumbeat.com/royalty

4. FROM: http://music.jsososo.com

5. Mixkit: https://mixkit.co

Data Analysis Website

① Domestic data analysis website

Feigua data: feigua.cn/

Short fish: duanyuer.com/

Tichoo: https://www.tichoo.cn/ 

② Foreign data analysis websites

1. Analisa URL: analisa.io/ Analisa lets you see likes, comments, shares and engagement, average likes and comments per post, most used hashtags, most used headlines, tags, and more. If you need to check the label status, you need to pay.

2. TikLog URL: tiklog.org/

3. PENTOS Website: pentos.co/TikTok-analyt The content of this website analysis is relatively comprehensive, including the overall account status, music, fan interaction and other data.

4. Tikrank Website: tikrank.com/ This is a Tik Tok creator influence ranking analysis website, which can analyze the growth of fans, and it is still free at present.

5. Tik128.com The Tik Tok operation website navigation made by the Chinese is a collection of website links and tool guides required in the operation of Tik Tok. picture

The short chain generator URL






editing software

1. Capcut/capcut (overseas version) This is currently the most frequently used software, not only on mobile but also on computer. picture

2. PR software The high-end editing software can edit in batches. picture

3. Come to draw Website: laihua.com/ Laihua is a creative AI animation short video production platform picture

4. Wondershare Miaoying Website: miao.wondershare.cn/ This is an easy-to-use and powerful video editing software.

6. Voice conversion tool 1.Naturalreaders Website: naturalreaders.com/ picture

Dubbing platform

1. Xunfei dubbing Website: peiyin.xunfei.cn/

Video download sites for each platform

1. YouTube video download site www.y2mate.com/ findyoutube.net/ youtubemultidownloader.net

2.Ins video download site https://ins.popmars.com

3.Tiktok videos download : https://tiktoktomp4.com


Translation software

1. Regular Google Translate, Baidu Translate, Youdao Dictionary

2. Deepl Website: deepl.com/home picture

3. Multilingual translation website Name: nice translator URL: https://nicetranslator.com English Grammar Checker For those who are not good at English, please see here, the website can correct the grammar.

Holiday inquiry of various countries

Website: timeanddate.com/calenda

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