How to drive a successful TikTok Live stream? 1

We’ve already agreed that live streaming on TikTok is a must for your video marketing strategy for three main reasons:

  • More brand visibility
  • Better relationships with followers
  • Higher brand awareness

But what does it take to run a successful live broadcast? How to pick the right topic for a live event? And do you need fancy gear?

Let’s cover the ‘gear’ part right away – luckily, you won’t need expensive devices or streaming software to go live on Tiktok (maybe a microphone to eliminate background noise, or simply find a quiet place). Also, a good internet connection is a must. 

Now, let’s deal with the rest of the tips.

Tip #1: Create high-quality and engaging live content

Although you can go live spontaneously from your phone, it won’t be very good for your content strategy. The results will be better if you have an exact plan to follow – it will navigate you through the live stream with ease and help deliver your message across. 

So, let’s start with mapping out your live stream event. There are a few things you need to consider at this point:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the topic of the stream?
  • What is the format?

Let’s cover these questions one by one. 

First, you need to know your audience well enough before you hit the record button. Namely, you need to understand their:

  • Demographics: age, gender, location, language, job, education, marital status, etc. 
  • Psychographics: interests, hobbies, needs, challenges, etc.

You can find data on some of these points in TikTok Analytics – gender and location, to be exact:

Tracking this data helps understand your audience better. You can also use it to determine the best time to post on TikTok by looking at the top territories your followers come from. 

The psychographics and your audience’s needs, in particular, play a crucial role in helping you find the topic of your stream and define the core message. Although TikTok Analytics doesn’t directly indicate what your audience wants, you can figure out their pain points from the content they’ve liked the most on your TikTok profile page. This information is available on the Analytics page:

It’s also possible to review each post’s performance separately. 

Now, what about the format?

Here, your choices are limitless. Let us share a few examples of engaging content ideas for live broadcasts:

  • A Q&A session
  • An educational streaming event
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • A live stream with fans of your brand
  • A product tutorial
  • A random chat (or a spontaneous live stream)
  • A product announcement
  • A giveaway contest
  • A fundraiser

Try to pick the format that works best for your audience and answers their needs. Also, remember that a live event is a branding opportunity, and you can use it to raise awareness.

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Tip #2: Interact with your audience

One of the best things about live content is that you can talk to your followers directly. It’s your chance to get to know your audience better and understand how they perceive your brand. 

Surely, you can do a single-person stream and not involve your followers. However, if you choose this approach, there is no way to predict or control audience engagement. 

Consider this: comments from your followers are also a type of user-generated content. According to research, this content is indicative of user behavior and could help predict subsequent interactions. 

So, we can draw the following conclusion – if you keep a close eye on the comments during the live stream, it gives you a chance to stir the conversation in the right direction to keep your audience engaged. 

Now, you won’t be able to reply to all comments. But how can you maximize the number of replies?

The solution is simple – add moderators. They will filter comments and select the most popular ones, saving you a lot of time. 

The maximum number of moderators per stream is twenty.

Tip #3: Promote your content

Promoting your live event is as important as planning it. This way, you get an opportunity to bring more people to the stream and also expand your viewership. 

How can you promote your live stream?

Here are a few ideas.

  • Create a regular TikTok video. In it, you can talk about your upcoming event. Don’t forget to use hashtags to maximize exposure. Choosing trending sounds can also help target more potential viewers. 
  • Announce your live stream via other social networks. Such an approach will bring more people to your TikTok live event. 
  • Promote your event via TikTok Live studio. You can record a promotional piece under the Related Videos tab of the Live Event section. Once you’re done, you can add a link to the live stream you want to promote. Next, post the video, and it will appear in people’s TikTok feeds.

Important: start your live event a bit earlier than scheduled. Sometimes, a push notification doesn’t get to followers on time, so, to make sure as many people join the stream as possible, give them some time.

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